Applications for our 2020 residency program are now being accepted.

2019 Artist in Residence Winning Artist: T Kurtz

The Spokane Art School is pleased to announce T Kurtz as the first artist selected for the new Artist in Residence program. Ms. Kurtz started her residence in March and will have an exhibition of her work at the Spokane Art School Gallery in October 2019.

T Kurtz has had a long history in the art world. For many years, she managed the art business for her mother’s professional fine art career as she attended shows and exhibitions across the country. T considers this to have been the College of Art Exposure, and coupled with her Art degree from Washington State University as well as her years in gallery sales, she knows what makes fine art and how to do it.

While she understands and has worked in various media, pastels are her main love for the richness of the pigments and the delicacy of line.

Artist in Residence Blog: Updates from T Kurtz

T Kurtz will be providing us with updates throughout her residency. You can find her posts here and on Facebook where they will be updated regularly.
The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this blog belong solely to the Spokane Art School Artist-in-Residence, and not necessarily to the Spokane Art School.

High mileage and check engine lights.
I hunker down in my bed, surrounded by crumpled tissue discards and empty pill packets. My new studio calls to me and all I can do is weakly consider what projects I can start. Each morning I do a self-assessment, hopeful that this is over; to find it isn’t. The plight of the self-employed, do you wait it out or spend the money visiting a doctor? One year I fought through during an art show: unloaded and set up by ...
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A tidy mind and all that jazz.
There are those who will tell you that a tidy space is the sign of a disorganized mind. I don’t agree. If you had asked me this 25 years ago, I would have answered differently. I have learned a few things since then. Your mind wanders as you clean, you don’t really need all of it to do the dishes. Folding laundry can be a zen thing as well and you can get into a deep, calm space while doing ...
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Revisiting the idea of mentorship
I was out yesterday at a craft fair as a patron. I don’t get to do that very often. When I do, I find myself watching people. Probably because that is what you do from the vendor's chair: people-watch, I mean. There was this elderly lady getting up from the lunch table and her daughter helped her zip up her coat. At that moment I flashed back to my mother helping me zip mine, and me helping my son, and ...
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I am a bed maker
I am a bed maker. I wasn’t always, actually; I never used to do it. Make my bed, I mean. Why should you? You are just going to mess it up again. It will only be made for a few hours, what is the point? I started doing it when I re-acquainted myself with a friend, Leah. She was going through a time of change and we would talk. One thing we discussed was the proper way to begin each ...
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Saying No, Defining boundaries.
People in your life think it’s romantic to know an artist. They are impressed by what you do, or they love your work but they don’t always understand what professional means. Heck, they don’t understand that any creative work takes time, financial resources and energy from the creator. Maybe it is because our grandmothers used to make so much for us when we were growing up. Perhaps we are taught then that people make things to just give away. The ...
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Be the best version of you possible, even if it means being somewhere else
I was doing this art show and it was going fairly well but, well let’s face it; there is always a but. A reservation, a nudge, an irritation, something that is bothering you. I’ve never done particularly well at this show and this year was much better, and yet; I was unhappy. Because I was frustrated about a few things, I was saying things that I shouldn’t. I was crabby and just not at my best. Maybe that is why ...
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Pastels are pastels. Chalk is chalk.
A Pastel Painter I follow on Facebook recently wrote the following and I decided to copy it in its entirety and post it in my blog. Sometimes, someone else writes exactly what you want to say. Why fix perfection? To see her work, I am including her website in the hopes that you might be fans of her as well. – T Kurtz Natasha Isenhour May 26 A little info about pastels for my friends that don’t really know what ...
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Picking on the Parents
I’m gonna pick on some friends of mine: It isn’t their fault; I have this conversation with several parents over the year. They always look the same; the shy, sheepish teenager with the excited overzealous parents. You see the kid, burning with shame as the parents either ask, “How do I get my child to do this for a living?” or say, “See? You are every bit as good as this. You should be on display here too!” I must ...
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What is Duty?
I did a web search to find the definition; a moral or legal obligation; a responsibility. "it's my duty to uphold the law" a task or action that someone is required to perform. "the queen's official duties" I was caught up on the word watching a popular show recently. All the characters doing this gracious waltz of obligation and social leverage in the name of duty. What does duty mean to me as an artist? What is my moral obligation, ...
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Make it easy for everyone
I swore I wouldn’t do it to myself again. I wouldn’t book so many shows this year, I was going to make good choices and make my months less complicated. Enter October… I am hanging 40 pieces in the gallery at Spokane Art School (that opened Friday); Hanging 12 at William-Grant in Kendall Yards, Spokane (that opened Saturday), Doing the Oldfield Art Show in Puyallup WA next weekend and the following weekend we are opening “Rooted” at the Jacklin Art ...
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