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Current Artist-in-Residence:  Hannah Pomante

Born in Spokane, Washington, Hannah Pomante is a landscape artist who explores the various ways in which to portray the natural world around us.

Hannah attended Whitworth University, earning a degree in the two-dimensional arts and minors in environmental studies and art history. She has won multiple awards, which include winning the 42 Annual Superintendent’s Art Show in Washington, as well as recently receiving a Spokane Arts Grant Award. Her work, “Featherbrained,” can be found in the permanent collection of the old Washington State Capitol building in Olympia, WA.

Artist in Residence Blog: Updates from Hannah Pomante

Hannah will be providing us with updates throughout her residency. You can find her posts here and on Facebook where they will be updated regularly.

The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this blog belong solely to the Spokane Art School Artist-in-Residence, and not necessarily to the Spokane Art School.

The Necessity of Producing Art (Art & Sustainability Part 4)
Note: This is Part 4 of my “Art and Sustainability Series.” If you’re interested in an introduction to the topic, head over to Part 1 here. Otherwise, continue on. Part 4: A Vehicle for Change It’s time to discuss the “frivolous” nature of art. In other words, addressing the belief the production of artwork, whether environmentally friendly or not, is unnecessary. While uncommon, some even argue the materials to create artwork are polluting, and due to its lack of functionality, ...
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Making Nature Art with Kids: The Bonus Episode (Art & Sustainability Part 3)
Note: This is Part 3 of my “Art and Sustainability” Series. For an introduction, head over to Part 1. For tips on developing an eco-friendly practice, check out Part 2. Otherwise, continue on ☺ Part 3: Environmental Art for Kids (Plus, a Birdhouse Project) When it comes to working with kids, I believe there is no better combo than nature-based art projects. You get a little bit of science, a little bit of art, and a whole lot of fun ...
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How to Make Your Practice More Sustainable (Art & Sustainability Part 2): Eco-Friendly Practice
Note: This is Part 2 of my ‘Art and Sustainability” series. If you would like a quick introduction on the subject, I suggest heading over to Part 1. Otherwise, continue on. Today, we’ll be discussing sustainability within the studio. Part 2: Developing an Eco-Friendly Practice Sustainability—a simple concept, yet rather difficult to execute. Promoted as “easy,” it’s a term overused and riddled with contradictory information. In other words, it’s common to make mistakes. I do all the time. For example, ...
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An Introduction to Art and Sustainability (Part 1)
Preface: I’ve been wanting to write on the topic of art and sustainability for a while now. A whole series in fact. Yet, I found the task daunting. Sustainability within the arts can be difficult. Plus, a bit exclusive. Often, it’s presented as effortless, when in many instances it’s not. Sometimes you don’t have the means or the finances to make certain shifts achievable. Mistakes happen often. In other words, the process is a gradual one. As a result, I’m ...
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Artist Woes During Covid-19
You’d think as an artist, working from home would an easy feat. I mean, how often do you hear about the Thoreaus of the world, who move off into seclusion and produce masterpieces? Or artists like Agnes Martin, disappearing into the dessert. If anything, it feels like as an artist, you’re obligated to isolate yourself at one point or another and become the artistic mystic you were meant to be. Particularly with Covid-19, we’ve been presented the pristine opportunity to ...
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Taking Breaks
I decided to take a walk in the woods. It was quite nice. As I trotted up the hill, I even found a desirable rock. I plopped upon its surface. And then I sat. That’s all. Eventually a few deer came by. A chatty woman. Plus, a phone call from my mother. And then I walked back. Nothing particularly interesting happened, yet it felt special. I needed a break. So, I took one. I was going to write out this ...
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It’s Okay to Change
Recently, I was writing a letter to a friend on this very topic. We graduated from college last year, and are both experiencing growing pains of our own. It’s difficult navigating the passage of adolescence to adulthood. It’s the whole reason I took up quilting—to ease the transition. Then, it’s been even more problematic in our current climate. How do you find a job? Address racial inequality? Be an advocate? As the world changes, so do we. Yet, being the ...
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Using Kindness to Move Forward
Sometimes finding motivation is difficult. There are days when you’re in the groove. And there are other days when you’re not. Unfortunately, I was in the “not” category earlier this week. Maybe it’s because of our current times of uncertainty. Or the plethora of bad news. Sometimes, there is no reason at all. Nevertheless, it happens to all of us at some point or another, and that’s okay. Typically, there are two routes of response in situations like these. One, ...
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Appreciating the Small Moments
I think we can all agree these last few months have been difficult. My intention was to describe some of these experiences, in order to find reconciliation, connection or something. Yet, we’ve all had our fair share of worries. Plus, I don’t even know where to begin. Too much has happened, and honestly, I’d rather keep that platform open to those better suited to speak. Sometimes I fear in our efforts to help, without a degree of reflection before we ...
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Making Art at Home #10: Rock Monsters
It’s our final episode! To celebrate, Kinsley and I decided to make something we could share with others. Using a time old classic – rock painting, Kinsley and I made little rock monsters for her to hide for her brothers. Hiding painted rocks is a fun way to surprise loved ones, and in Kinsley and her brothers’ case, a good source of entertainment. The following hours consisted of re-hiding and finding the rocks, over and over again – an unexpected ...
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Making Art at Home #9: Egg Buddies
This week, Kinsley and I show you how to transform old eggshells into plant holders! This was a project I used to do when I was younger, so it brought up fun memories making it with the kiddos. They are very easy to make. Just keep your eggshells for the next few weeks and you’re good to go! Egg Buddies Materials: Eggshells Potting Soil Seeds of your choice Push pin Water Sharpee Directions: Step 1: Prepare your eggshells by rinsing ...
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Making Art at Home #8: Homemade Slime
Due to the request of Kinsley, we show you how to make slime in this week’s video! It was our first time in this endeavor, yet we were pleasantly surprised how easy it is to make! It by far has been the most popular project with the kiddos. We just googled slime recipes and discovered using glue is one of the more popular methods. No matter the recipe you use, always make sure there is an adult present when making ...
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Making Art at Home #7: Sock Animals
It seems like we all have that stray sock awaiting a purpose. Well, the wait is over. In this week’s craft, Kinsley and I make sock animals together – specifically an octopus and a caterpillar. While pretty straightforward and quick to make, this project has had a big impact on the kiddos. Likely due to it being a toy in function, it has resulted in lots of playtime (as well as a big distraction) for Kinsley and her brothers. For ...
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Making Art at Home #6: Mother’s Day Flower Wreath
Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so Kinsley and I decided to make a flower wreath as a gift to her mom! Spoiler alert: Kinsley couldn’t wait until Mother’s Day to give away her present. Inspired by all the toilet paper wreaths seen on Pinterest, we thought making one ourselves would be a fun way to celebrate the holiday. We found this and this blog particularly helpful. To make the project extra special, we included mom’s favorite colors and ...
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Making Art at Home #5: Homemade Playdough
In our household, we love making homemade playdough! Our secret ingredient is using Kool-Aid, which not only gives it color, but more importantly, makes it smell amazing! In this episode, Kinsley and I use “grape” flavor to make the color purple. If you watch closely enough, you’ll even find moments of us randomly smelling our creations. We can’t help ourselves. That’s the side effect of making playdough that smells good. Homemade Playdough Materials: 2 cups of flour 1 cup salt ...
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Making Art at Home #4: Bottle Art - Animal Plant Pots and Painted Flowers
With the weather warming up, we decided to make plant containers using plastic bottles. It’s a good way to recycle materials you already have lying around the house, plus kiddos really enjoy working with plants and getting their hands dirty. There’s nothing like being given permission to throw around some dirt. Then, I threw in a bonus activity because you’ll already have the materials out from your plant pots. Happy making! Animal Plant Pots Materials: plastic bottles (or any other ...
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Making Art at Home #3: Pretzel Sculptures
This week’s activity is a family go-to. We’ve been making homemade pretzels for years, with it being an activity my sisters and I grew up doing together with our mother. The pretzel dough acts similarly to play dough, allowing for a variety of creations to ensue. While Kinsley and I kept our designs pretty simple, you can get surprisingly detailed with your pretzel sculptures. From making flowers, animals to letters and shapes, the options are endless. As for the pretzels ...
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Making Art at Home #2: Easter Egg Collages
The holidays are just around the corner and the kiddos (and adults) are getting antsy. Hopefully this project can alleviate some of that extra energy. I know for us, like many others, it’s been lots of nature walks, art projects, and quality family time. If you can’t tell by this week’s video, despite all these activities, things still manage to get chaotic rather quickly. And that’s exactly what happened while filming this video. While I could easily edit out our ...
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Making Art at Home #1: Coffee Filter Art
Today is the launch of “Spokane Art School - Making Art at Home” where I’ll be providing family-oriented art lessons remotely each week! The aim of this series is to make art more accessible at home, using materials you already have at hand. Each week, I’ll be introducing a new project that you can make with your kiddos and loved ones. This is a great way to take a moment to give yourself a break, creatively express yourself, and most ...
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Schedule Your Creativity
With many of us now working at home, it’s easy to let time slip away. Distractions arise, excuses begin to take form, and slowly the day passes us by. I know for me, it’s been a tough transition. Worlds are colliding and it’s hard to maintain separation. Particularly in the arts, when we have the desire to work when “creativity strikes,” this can be particularly tricky territory to navigate. The problem is it feeds procrastination. With any other job or ...
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Art you can do at home
Amidst times of canceled events, no school and social distancing, it can be easy to feel cooped up. However, there are plenty of ways to access your creative side and stay entertained at home. Here, I’ve listed a few ideas to get you started. And don’t worry, as exhibited in my pictures below, I went ahead and tested most of them out firsthand for you ☺ Art Activities for Kids Learn to make paper flowers! Try out different papers you ...
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The Relationship between Art, Nature and Mindfulness
I recently went to an artist lecture, and their discussion of mindfulness brought my attention to an old memory. It was when my father and I used to sit outside in silence together. When I was particularly young, I was actually somewhat fascinated by the process. I remember I’d get excited when he’d go out there in the evening, anticipating our time together. Once I saw he had completed his daily devotion, I’d slowly make my way out, introducing myself ...
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How to Share the Creative Process
When it comes to sharing the creative process with others, often times, it can be trickier than one would anticipate. It goes back to what I mentioned in my previous post, which is intimidation. For years, we're taught "good" art is the kind that accurately represents our surroundings. If this wasn't your cup of tea, however, you likely had the misfortune of being taught art wasn't for you. So how do we help others get over this, so they can ...
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Process Over Product
Process over product.  Kids seem to have it mastered and adults get hung up over it. Ironically, it even managed to stump me when writing this blog post, creating a barrier for me as I fretted over the right things to say. Clearly, I’m still learning to embrace the concept. As a result, it remains work in progress. Yet, as I change, so does my practice. There’s a vulnerability that comes with creating, because unlike many endeavors, it’s out there for others to ...
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