Travis Masingale


May 2nd-31st, 2014

Roman Du Roi copy

Roman of the King

Pet Me 128 copy

Personal Electronic Transactor

Lo-Res 21 Serif copy



Bastarda Fraktur

Akzidenz Grotesk


DSC03244 copy

Desktop Selfie #3

DSC03233 copy

1975-When We Were Young

DSC03242 copy



Katie Staib

Eighty Degrees and a Slight Breeze

April 4-26, 2014


Costa Rica

Costa Rica


Nicoya Peninsula

Fiji 4 smaller


Fiji 5

Fiji Palms

Fiji 6

Fiji Sunrise

Granada, Nicaragua

Granada, Nicaragua

Main Beach Laguna

Main Beach Laguna

Manzanillo Tide Pools

Manzanillo Tide Pools

Savusavu Marina

Savusavu Marina

Secret Surf Spot-Costa Rica

Secret Surf Spot – Costa Rica

Laguna Beach Small

Laguna Beach


Ric Gendron

The Last Picture Show

March 7-28, 2014

Big Lodge

Big Lodge

Blue Nocturne

Blue Nocturne



Down in the Valley

Down in the Valley

Into the mind of Fritz

In the Mond of Fritz

Into the Mystic

Into the Mystic

Katzen Jammer

Katzen Jammer

Long Hair

Long Hair





Sisters of Merly

Sisters of Merly

 Liz Bishop

March 7-28, 2014

Woman Spirit I

Woman Spirit I

Woman Spirit II

Woman Spirit II

Zig Zag

Zig Zag

Shapes in Moition

Shapes in Motion

Path of Curves

Path of Curves



Chestnut Small


Chair I

Chair I

Chair II

Chair II

 Chair III

Chair III



A Pair

A Pair


Spokane Art School 2013 Faculty Show

November 22, 2013 – February 1, 2014


Afternoon in the Park 40h x 44w  Oil 2013

“Afternoon in the Park”

Mel McCuddin



Tresia Oosting



Katie Staib

Red Green One 2

“Red Green One”

Jery Haworth

 Seven Pieces 2

“Seven Pieces”

Liz Bishop


Gordon Wilson 2

“Twilight at Jim Ritchie’s”

Gordon Wilson

Zeks Barn DuBois

“Zeke’s Barn”

Roger DuBois

A Chicken and the Girl Who Loved Her 2

“A Chicken and the Girl who Loved Her”

Gloria de los Santos

Sally Simmer

“Skagit Valley Scarlett”

Sally Simmer

Rick Singer for tinman

“Swim Series”

Rick Singer and Hilary Hart

Long Island Boats 7-18-12 sm

“Long Island Boats”

Marri Anne Figgins

Judy Patterson Beaver Pond near Bridgeport 

“Beaver Pond”

Judy Patterson

Claryn Reid

“Watercolor Leaves”

Claryn Reid

Colleen Clark Loomer 2

“Fun with my New Salt Kiln”

Colleen Clark Loomer

Arboreal Number Three Quinn

“Arboreal Series #3″

Tom Quinn

Dina Fernandez 2

“Pandora’s Box”

Dina Fernandez


Elise Stewart

“Madonna, Baby and Tree”

E.L. Stewart


“Intuitive Chaos”

Larry Ellingson

October 4th- 26th, 2013

Valve Block Fantasy

“Valve Block Fantasy”

Tribal Teaching

“Tribal Teachings”

Tie Clip Series #1 Salt Fan

Tie Clip Series #1 -Salt Fan

Temperature's Rising copy

“Temperature’s Rising”

Tall Tale with Chains

“Tall Tale with Chains”

Taj Hide Puzzle

“Taj Hide Puzzle”

Socket Flowers copy

“Socket Flowers”

Sharp Pointy Things

“Sharp Pointy Things”



Proscenium Lab Test

“Proscenium Lab Test”

Post-Apocalyptic Gazing Lamp

“Post-Apocalyptic Gazing Lamp”

Lapel Pin Series #2

“Lapel Pin Series #2″

Joe's Keys

“Joe’s Keys”

Hardwear Music

“Hardware Music”

Domicile-Widtle of Wind

“Domicile-Whistle of Wind”

Domicile-Extended Thanks

“Domicile-Extended Thanks”

Diffusion #1 and #2

“Diffusion #1 and #2″

Dawn of Creation

“Dawn of Creation”

Can Pipe Signet

“Can Pipe Signet”

4 Voices

“4 Voices”

4 Voices Detail

“4 Voices” detail

... and a Stcik Runs Throught it

“…a Stick Runs Through It”


“Rabbity Interlude”

Tresia Oosting

September 6 – 28, 2013


“Rabbity Interlude”

Unplugged Rabbit

“Unplugged Rabbits”

Trying to Realize an Idea

“Trying to Realize an Idea”

White Rabbit

“White Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit”

Solo Prelude

“Solo Prelude”

Solo Muted

“Solo Muted”

Singing Beatrice's

“Singing Beatrice’s”

Rabbity Pie

“Rabbit Pie”

Rabbity Deity

“Rabbity Deity”

Rabbits Foot

“Rabbit’s Foot”

Rabbit Bags

“Rabbit Bags”







Nimbless of Mind

“Nimbless of Mind”



Line Up

“Line Up”



Inner Stillness

“Inner Stillness”

Imaginary Things

“Imaginary Things”

Ideas Realized

“Ideas Realized”

Honor and Ackknowledge

“Honor and Acknowledge”

Heaven is Somewhere

“Heaven is Somewhere”

Heaven is Somewhere detail

“Heaven is Somewhere” Detail

Get Rabbity

“Get Rabbity”

Free Association

“Free Association”

Fpreshadow Three

“Foreshadow Three”

Foreshadow Two

“Foreshadow Two”

Foreshadow One

“Foreshadow One”

Five Seers

“Five Seers”

Field Tactics

“Field Tactics”

Fearie Realm

“Fearie Realm”

Family Portrait

“Family Portrait”

Erotic Rabbit

“Erotic Rabbit”

Dress and Rabbit

“Dress & Rabbit”

Bow Screw

“Bow Screw”

Boundless Energy

“Boundless Energy”

Blossom Time

“Blossom Time”

Blaze Away

“Blaze Away”

Apron and Bunny

“Apron & Rabbit”

The Waltz

“The Waltz”

The Clothes Line

“The Clothes Line”

Spirit Guide and the Magic One

“Spirit Guide and the Magic one”

Spirit Guide and Two

“Spirit Guide and Two”

Spirit Guide and Three

“Spirit Guide and Three”


Spirit Guide and Four

“Spirit Guide and Four”

Spirit Guide and Five Knights of Youth

“Spirit Guide and Five Knights of Youth”


The Grimm Brothers Show

August 2 – 21, 2013

DSC02670 copy


Wendy Zupan Bailey

Saved by a Kiss

Saved by a Kiss”

Virginia Carter

Untitled-8 copy

“The Goose Girl”

Tom Quinn

Untitled-7 copy

“Puss n’ Boots”

Sister Paula Turnbull

Untitled-6 copy

“Is Deceit Full?”

Sami Perry

Untitled-1 copy

“Umbra” – Raven One of Seven

Loretta West

Harold2 copy

“Far-Sighted Crafty Peasant”

Ken Spiering


“The Lady and the Lion”

Judy Patterson


“The Old Woman in the Woods”

Patti Reiko Osebold


“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair”

Lila Girvin

Golden Bird - Larry Ellingson 56h x 16w x 13d sm

“The Golden Bird”

Larry Ellingson

Untitled-5 copy

“All is Over with Us Now…” (After Wanda Gag & Jessie Wilcox Smith)

Karen Lohrke Kaiser

Untitled-4 copy

“Bring the Little Rascal Here!”

Jo Fyfe

BremenTownMusicainsPainting Internet

“Bremen Town Musicians”

Gordon Wilson

Untitled-3 copy

“The Youth Who Could Not Shudder”

G.L. Haworth

The Miller Boy and the Cat

“The Miller Boy and The Cat”

E.L. Stewart

Untitled-2 copy

“Cinderella’s Shoe”

Dina Fernandez


“Keepsake (fur die Zauberin)

Carrie Scozzaro

Untitled-1 copy

“Cinderella’s Glass Slipper:

Birke Tan


“Rule of Three”

Jo Fyfe

June 28 – July 27, 2013









Flying Stripes



“Visions of the Palouse”

Leonard Heid

April 5 – May 11, 2013


Before the Storm

“Before the Storm” Leonard Heid

morning near rosalia

“Morning Near Rosalia” Leonard Heid

Red Sky in Autumn

“Red Sky in Autumn” Leonard Heid


“Road” Leonard Heid

Stables Near St. John

“Stables near St. John” Leonard Heid