Sondra Barrington : Jewelry Instructor

Sondra Barrington

Jewelry Instructor

Sondra has been making jewelry for the past decades plus. In addition to creating jewelry, she enjoys working with fiber, fabric, paper, resin, clay and glass. Based in a small cottage near Latah Creek, her jewelry designs have been featured by many different beading and jewelry industry publications (online, and in print magazines and via books).

She likes teaching and enjoys encouraging people to explore color, shape and texture in their work. When teaching, she focuses on the fundaments of jewelry construction, with an emphasis on the importance of a strong foundation comprised of high quality findings and components.

Sondra prefers to work with natural elements in her jewelry designs: high-quality gemstone beads, bronze, wood copper, clay, leather and sterling silver. Trade beads, coins, pearls, vintage crystal and glass beads are also commonly found in her designs.
Liz Bishop : Ceramics Instructor

Liz Bishop

Ceramics Instructor

Liz Bishop is an accomplished art teacher from Spokane Valley Washington. With BA in Fine Arts from Whitworth, Liz successfully taught at the Spokane Art School for ten years and managed the Ceramic Studio over four years. She has exhibited in New York City and the Ambassadors Program in Tunisia, and in various galleries though out the United States. Liz collaborated with students to create seven large murals at Liberty Lake Elementary School.

"My artwork is a personal journey that is always evolving and moving into spiritual discovery. I believe strongly that art is important to all our lives and it's the process in being in the moment that enriches oneself."

For more information on Liz Bishop and her work visit: Liz Bishop Art

Roger W. DuBois : Photo Instructor

Roger W. DuBois

Photo Instructor

Roger picked up photography at a young age from his father. He received a degree in Visual Communications at Shoreline College in Seattle and trained in electronics in U.S.A.F.

His primary occupation has revolved around the advertising and printing industries. He is known throughout Spokane for his ability to correct, manipulate and combine images and files for publication and printing.

In 1999 Roger created the digital classes at The Spokane Art School. Roger taught classes in Digital Photography and PhotoShop since the late 90's. His photographs have been seen in local calendars and publications.

Rogers’s easy approach to photography and computers has made him and his classes very popular.
Derrick Freeland : Art Instructor at Crosswalk

Derrick Freeland

Art Instructor at Crosswalk

Derrick Freeland is an illustrator and comics creator here in Spokane. He is the editor and publisher at Bottlecrow Publications and organizer for the Inland Northwest Association of Sequential Artists (INWASA).

Jery Haworth : Art Instructor

Jery Haworth

Art Instructor

Jery Haworth has been a member of the Art School faculty since 1999. He brings to the classroom a wealth of professional experience in the areas of design and illustration. A professional illustrator and graphic desiner for may years, Jery has been involved in the fine arts as well, exhibiting in California, Oregon and Washington. Students especially enjoy Jery's approach to drawing and painting that relies heavily on memory and the imagination. These expressive ways of working are a characteristic of Jery's teaching style.

For more information on Jery Haworth and his works visit: Jery Haworth Saatchi Profile

Bill and Kathy Kostelec : Photography Instructors

Bill and Kathy Kostelec

Photography Instructors

Bill and Kathy Kostelec are black and white photographers specializing in large format film and traditional silver gelatin printing processes. Their work has exhibited in numerous galleries and juried art events around the region, and featured in a Pacific Northwest video documentary "Time and Light: the Large-format photography of Bill and Kathy Kostlec". They won the Artfest Photography Merit Award in 2015 and 2016, and were selected for a free private workshop with renowned photographer and former Ansel Adam's assistant, Alan Ross. Bill taught film photography at Gonzaga University for 19 years and together they co-taught classes at Spokane Falls Community College Photography Department, and the Spokane Art School.

Jenifer LeMontagne : Art Instructor

Jenifer LeMontagne

Art Instructor

I have been drawing since I could pick up a crayon, but it advanced for me, to using pen and ink, pencil, and charcoal while I was in high school. Through the years, I began to focus my specialty on pen and ink. Calligraphy was always a favorite. I love creating with different styles! Wildlife – especially birds of prey has been a primary focus of my drawings. I have recently started drawing portraits, which are as challenging as well as enjoyable!

My primary focus in teaching these classes is to bring out the best each student can give, while teaching how to use the necessary tools and techniques required. I don’t believe in grading art, as each person is a unique individual; possessing an individual “insight” to their art. It is my wish to inspire, encourage, and breathe “life” into my student’s work, as I believe each and every person has the seed within them to produce a truly beautiful “blossom”.


Karen Mobley : Art Instructor

Karen Mobley

Art Instructor

Karen Mobley is free range but not a chicken. She earned the Dabbler badge in Girl Scouts has been working at it ever since.  She is a visual artist, poet and arts consultant.  She was artist in residence at the Jentel Foundation in January 2016 and will be artist in residence at AIR Paducah in September.   Karen was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  She has an MFA from the University of Oklahoma.  She has lived in numerous cities and currently resides in Spokane.  She served as Arts Director for the City of Spokane from 1997-2012.

Tresia Oosting : Art Instructor

Tresia Oosting

Art Instructor

Tresia is a mixed media sculptor who takes discarded, lonely found objects and re-presents them as works of art. She wraps or sews them into cloth, paints them and waxes them to create a conceptual piece with new meaning. The new objects look familiar, but they are really a semblance of their old selves. Her work is a meditation on line, color and shape and the responses they invoke in the observer. Her reputation as an artist began with her charming dolls. Tresia is an art teacher, having taught with School District 81 and the Spokane Art School. She has also presented workshops for children as part of the MAC's Family Fests. Tresia has a AFA from Spokane Falls Community College.

Tom Quinn : Art Instructor

Tom Quinn

Art Instructor

Originally from Great Falls, Montana, Tom Quinn grew up surrounded by art -- mostly nostalgic celebrations of the Old West by the likes of Charles M. Russell and Fredrick Remington. He found there was more to art by the time he attended Gonzaga University and spent his junior year in Florence, the home of Michelangelo and Botticelli. There he became enamored of the serene beauty of Renaissance painting.

After receiving a degree in art history, he went to the Art Institute of Seattle to pursue a career as an illustrator. At the time-- the mid-eighties -- there was a whole school of illustrators whose work was semi-primitive and had an ironic twist. The style died out by the nineties but Quinn considers it well worth reviving.

Now living in Spokane, Quinn has done several murals in addition to his easel painting, his illustrated four books and several magazine articles, draws caricatures at parties and conventions, and teaches drawing and painting at the Spokane Art School, Corbin Art Center and the Institute for Extended Learning. His work has been exhibited in galleries in Spokane, Seattle, and Portland.

He works mostly in acrylic and oil with hard edges, intense colors, and finicky detail. He likes to show what's absurd but not impossible, to take the ordinary out of context, and to turn the familiar into the strange.

For more information about Tom Quinn and his work visit: Tom Quinn Artist

Henry Stinson : Art Instructor

Henry Stinson

Art Instructor

Henry Stinson was born in Anchorage, Alaska but spent much of his childhood in the Pacific Northwest. He moved back to the Northwest due to his love of four seasons, a community oriented lifestyle and the numerous opportunities for outdoor painting this region has to offer.

An artist for the past 31 years, his university training began as an undergraduate at Washington State University, continued at the Art Institute of Seattle, ending with four years of intensive study - painting with Russian impressionist painter Ron Lukas in his Seattle studio.

Stinson has taught drawing and painting for over 28 years in numerous colleges and privately owned schools and is currently teaching national workshops as well. He is a gifted instructor, noted most for his unique ability to communicate practical information and to create vivid color on canvas in a manner which inspires and supports the ideal learning situation for students.

He maintains an active painting studio in Colfax, Washington and continues to paint on location throughout the United States. He has exhibited his work in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Florida, Washington, and Oregon as well as the United States Embassy in Geneva Switzerland.

Henry’s love of painting the unique stems from his inability to resist capturing those unusual moments in life that make each of us step back and think. It may be a humorous thought or a moment of beauty or simply something that catches the eye and sits on the edge of a memory.

Whatever the origin, Henry has the singular ability to translate moments into paintings, making his work popular with corporate and private collectors both in the US and abroad.