The Spokane Art School carries a variety of fine art from local artists. See something you like? Call us for curbside pickup. 509-325-1500

Sondra Barrington

Liz Bishop


Autumn Buton


Jean DeRego

Nan Drye

Roger DuBois

Janie Edwards

  Jo Fyfe


Kathy Gale

Shannon Haight

Jeff Harris

Collista Krebs

T Kurtz

Melanie Lieb

Jenifer LeMontagne

Lindsey Merrell

Amy Mickelson

Karen Mobley

Karmen Naccarato

Dina Natale

Alice Nelson

T Oosting

Hannah Pomante

Tom Quinn

Lauri Tesch

Gay Waldman

Lynn Whitman

Angelika Wilson-Wipp



Covid-19 Requirements 

Updated November 16, 2020
Due to new restriction only one family unit at a time will be allowed in the gallery.
Practice social distancing
Masks are required, NO EXCEPTIONS.
(Please make sure your nose and mouth are covered at all times)
We offer curbside pick up for our customers who are unable to wear a mask.
Thank you for your understanding and support.