Liz Bishop is an accomplished art teacher from Spokane Valley Washington. With BA in Fine Arts from Whitworth, Liz successfully taught at the Spokane Art School for ten years and managed the Ceramic Studio over four years. She has exhibited in New York City and the Ambassadors Program in Tunisia, and in various galleries throughout the United States. Liz collaborated with students to create seven large murals at Liberty Lake Elementary School. “My artwork is a personal journey that is always evolving and moving into spiritual discovery. I believe strongly that art is important to all our lives and it’s the process in being in the moment that enriches oneself.”







Small Dish

$5.00 each

Food safe ceramic

Approx.1″ x 3″

Call or email for other styles of small bowls.



Candle Holder


Ceramic and Metal

3.75″ x 4″

Call or email for other styles of candle holders.



Cat Mug


Food safe ceramic

4″ x 5″ with handle