Art on the Street continues a project pioneered in 2016 by the Spokane Art School. Using giant easels, we engage the community in free art making on the streets of Spokane. On eight consecutive Saturday afternoons during the summer, we will stage the event at 811 W. Garland Ave., employing a different artist mentor each week. Giant 8′ easels will be set up and covered with paper. The passing public will be encouraged to draw or paint on the blank paper.
Week 5 – Megan Perkins
Saturday, August 10, 2019
11 A.M. – 2:30 P.M.
Blind contour drawing is a special technique used to train the hand and brain to be better coordinated which improves drawing skills. It involves drawing a subject without looking at the paper or lifting your pen. It is a fun, fast way to warm up and take the pressure off drawing something accurately.
This is a takeaway project.
Megan Perkins is a recorder by nature. Keeping written journals and sketchbooks, drawing friends and her daily life has been a regular habit for years. To Megan, drawing and painting is a road to experiencing and truly seeing a place, object or person. Drawing is a way to absorb the beauty of the world around her, but also a way to understand her surroundings, how an object is put together, why a building or configuration of light and shadow caught her eye. Art is a path into deeper understanding and communion with both places and people. It is a way of holding up the quotidian of life as worthy of attention and worth sharing with others. Megan reminds people to slow down and realize the richness of their own lives, available if they simply pay attention.
Art on the Street is made possible by a grant from the Spokane Arts Grant Awards (SAGA).