Art in Progress by T Kurtz

Being an artist is so wonderful at times. It isn’t always but there are serene moments that take my breath away. I get caught up in what I should be doing to the point of losing the perspective of Doing anything. Today for example, I got so caught up in the chores of my craft; I felt forced. It hadn’t been a great day prior and this isn’t as productive a month as the last 2. To date, I have done 68 originals for the year. That is a lot, but July has been a paltry 9 of those so far. There have been some challenges this month and several took a bit of time to wrangle. It isn’t like I have been slacking or anything. I have made some huge strides too.

I recently raided a gallery I was in and pulled my work because what they had was so different in technical skill, it stood out. I went in and looked at my display, well it needed to be addressed to say the least. Those pieces are hanging around my studio and I will admit they are dragging my spirits down. I went into my creative space and decided I needed to do some cleaning to get my creative juices going. I started cleaning my pastels. They were so dirty; I couldn’t tell you the exact color of several.

To clean pastels, you can put them in a mildly abrasive dry medium and shake them. I chose cornmeal and started to go to town. How mind numbingly boring. It was tedious. It wasn’t what I wanted to be doing. Every time I tried to roll my chair around, I caught it on something…. My space is a horror. All of this is my fault. I did it. No one is going up there and stirring it with a stick while my back is turned. I wanted to cry. While cleaning, I knocked a small tray of pastels to the floor. That is bad, many are dust now. Then when I went to put away a framed painting, I knocked over several framed originals. Broken glass, bad words….. Time to step back.

I went for lunch and when I came back, I stood at the easel and started to paint. No more chores just create. I turned up the music, (Sorry Jodi if it was too loud) and put pastel to the surface. It was heaven. The image is just flowing from my hands.

I tell my students that it is the contrasts that help us see colors and shadow, light and dark. Perhaps that is what the struggle gives us, a true perspective on joy. Joy that comes from things working out. Those 2 hours I played on my surface; I was in a pure place. Everything was as it should be, and I was a happy camper. I’ll be back tomorrow; and for those few hours, it will be as close to perfect as life can get.

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