Photo by T Kurtz

I am a bed maker. I wasn’t always, actually; I never used to do it. Make my bed, I mean. Why should you? You are just going to mess it up again. It will only be made for a few hours, what is the point? I started doing it when I re-acquainted myself with a friend, Leah. She was going through a time of change and we would talk. One thing we discussed was the proper way to begin each day and we made an agreement; we would make our beds. I feel like it is wiping the cares of the night before when you straightened the wrinkles in your sheets. I see it now as a focus of my life lenses.

As an artist, you need focus. Not just on the piece you are working on but on where you want to go with your career (if you want to have art a career). I make my bed so I can start to clear out the wrinkles in the day ahead. It doesn’t matter if I’m staying with family, friends or staying in a hotel. Making your bed is a way of showing how much you appreciate them and respect them. I don’t know what the maids think about it, I’ve never asked. I hang up my towels meticulously or fold them on the hotel floor when I am done with them.

As I leave the room, I look back on the bed and see my first accomplishment. This big, tidy square of order. It helps me keep the room in order as well. I want my square to be showcased in a tidy space. I bought a pretty bedspread and 2 throw pillows and now my bed looks especially nice at home. It has become my first art project of everyday and a goal. I will try to leave each place a little better than when I entered it. You can say it goes with my life’s mission, “Make the world a little better for me being there.” I might be only making it 10 minutes easier for the maids, but it is still a positive act and a good note for me to start the day with.

This is also a reminder that each big accomplishment starts with a small act. Either taking the first step, opening a door or just answering the phone. One small act can begin a new chapter in your day, year or even your life. Dolly Parton played a character once who said, “you have to open the door.” Well, I must make my bed. It smooths out my thoughts for the day and helps to put my goals in order. Whatever the reason I do it that morning, it always means I won’t get back into the bed until the end of the day.

Have a great day!

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