This week, Kinsley and I show you how to transform old eggshells into plant holders! This was a project I used to do when I was younger, so it brought up fun memories making it with the kiddos. They are very easy to make. Just keep your eggshells for the next few weeks and you’re good to go!

Egg Buddies


  • Eggshells
  • Potting Soil
  • Seeds of your choice
  • Push pin
  • Water
  • Sharpee


Step 1: Prepare your eggshells by rinsing them off, and then pushing a hole at the bottom with the push pin for drainage
Step 2: Once dry, draw faces on your eggs
Step 3: Fill each egg with potting soil, filling them nearly to the top with the soil
Step 4: Sprinkle 4-10 seeds in each egg (depending on the type of seed) and then cover with a shallow layer of soil
Step 5: Add a splash of water to each egg and then you’re done. Place your egg buddies by a sunny window and watch them grow!

All photos by Hannah Pomante

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Special thanks to Washington Trust Bank for sponsoring this video series.