I decided to take a walk in the woods. It was quite nice. As I trotted up the hill, I even found a desirable rock. I plopped upon its surface. And then I sat. That’s all. Eventually a few deer came by. A chatty woman. Plus, a phone call from my mother. And then I walked back.

Nothing particularly interesting happened, yet it felt special. I needed a break. So, I took one.

I was going to write out this whole spiel on the benefits of rest. However, it’s nothing we haven’t heard. Taking breaks are important. We all know it. So, this is a friendly reminder to practice it. I figured if I write it in a blog post, perhaps I’ll be better at holding myself accountable. There’s a lot going on right now. However, the only way we’re going to address it is if we take care of ourselves first. So, if it’s within your power, take a moment to yourself and reflect. Then, move forward.

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