Sometimes finding motivation is difficult. There are days when you’re in the groove. And there are other days when you’re not. Unfortunately, I was in the “not” category earlier this week. Maybe it’s because of our current times of uncertainty. Or the plethora of bad news. Sometimes, there is no reason at all. Nevertheless, it happens to all of us at some point or another, and that’s okay.

Typically, there are two routes of response in situations like these. One, is to hermit oneself. A temptation I felt greatly. Another is to distract. However, I decided to go another direction. A sort of a compromise if you will. I chose one small act. One small act of kindness to find a sense of purpose. So, I wrote a letter to a loved one. Then another. And then one more. It didn’t take long, but as I wrote, I slowly started to feel a sense of ownership again. By channeling my energy towards someone else, it made the day feel a bit more hopeful, because no matter what, there are always opportunities to show kindness to others. In other words, it took me out of my mental funk. It’s something we already know, but kindness really is a cure all.

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