It’s easy to come to this state in which everything merely exists. Yet, behind every manmade item — from a little mug to a great architectural feat, was a person. A person who thought this thing was of value. Whether it’s the color of someone’s wall or a work of art in a living room, a decision was made. Granted, there may have not been much thought put into the decision, or maybe TOO much thought was there. Nevertheless, there was a choice presented. A choice to include this thing in one’s life or not.


Whether we like it or not, the items in our life shape us. As we make decisions, they build on one another. And slowly, these things we choose to include in our lives become a small representation of who we are. In other words, materials have value.


When I remind myself of this value, I become more aware of the unique character of the individuals within own my life. It’s a remarkable way to connect to their rich history. Ask any Grandma where they got their favorite tea towel and be prepared for an hour-long story. Some may want to avoid such a story, yet I think it’s powerful. It reminds us again, behind the manmade item, is a person, a maker and a story. More importantly, it reminds us how we are connected in unique and wonderful ways.