We are now onto Part 2 of my
Mother Daughter Guidebook. Within my exhibition, you may have noticed a series of fabric works which I call the Daughter series. ​ The work is mixed media, combining printmaking on fabric, sewing and collage. The textiles are made through nature printing, using the impressions of plants to create a variety of patterns. Mainly, the work is a time of exploration and expression, documenting my transition into adulthood. I found solace in its tangibility and repetition, with hand stitching providing me relief in my anxieties. As I transitioned and grew, so did my work.


In the past, quilting has been recognized as an important means of expression for women. Quilts have represented strength, resiliency and the strong bonds between generations of women. I found these same ideas apply today. Whether or not you’re a woman (because anybody and everyone can quilt), the act of quilting provides comfort during times of hardship. More importantly, the act of quilting provides connection. For me, this was a connection to myself, my femininity, and of course, my mother.