My work is composed of places and things that, at a particular moment, strike me as evocative of particular emotions or ideas in my own psyche and perhaps that of others. I seek to identify and commemorate the elements that spur such feeling, and in doing so, to examine my own experience and that of humanity in general. I see analogous relationships between visual characteristics of certain places and the situations that compose human existence. I attempt to convey a sense of the vague longing for something just beyond the grasp of our consciousness that I believe influences all endeavors of humanity in ways unexamined or unacknowledged. I also enjoy using the occasional oblique reference to ideas from art history and world events, as well as to personal history, literature, movies, and music; these are usually oblique because they take shape in the process through means that are as dimly understood to myself as they may be to the viewer.


Spokane Art School Gallery Hours

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Covid-19 Requirements 

Updated November 16, 2020
Due to new restrictions, only one family unit at a time will be allowed in the gallery.
Practice social distancing
Masks are required, NO EXCEPTIONS.
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