A Benefit for the Spokane Art School

DATE:  Saturday, April 20, 2024

TIME:  5 to 9 PM

PLACE:  Spokane Art School, 503 East 2nd Ave., Suite B, Spokane, WA 99202

The SDR is a drawing event and fundraiser featuring local artists.  The event consists of three one-hour rounds with the artists drawing simultaneously.  Part performance art, part laboratory, part art bazaar, the SDR is an incredible opportunity to go behind the studio walls and watch some of your favorite Spokane artists create original drawings from a blank page.  As each round is completed, the drawings will be immediately hung up and made available for a fixed price of $75.  If more than one person wishes to purchase an original drawing, the winner will be determined by drawing straws.

 Island Style Grill Food & BBQ food truck will be on hand for the duration of the event and wine will be available for sale.

This year’s line up includes:

Amalia Fisch

Chantelle Flint

Benny Fountain

Reinaldo Gil Zambrano

Gayle Havencroft

Tobe Harvey

Kelley Hudson

Mary Pat Kanaley

T Kurtz

Megan Martens – Haworth

Rob McKirdie

Joni Michels

Karen Mobley

Jamie Nadherny

Tyber Newcomer

Judy Patterson

Megan Perkins

Gwyn Pevonka

Cozette Phillips

Tracy Poindexter-Canton

Tom Quinn

Susan Rorhback

Deb Sheldon

Lisa Soranaka

Taylor R. Talley

Joseph Tomlinson

Caitlin Vielstich

Rene’ Von Steuben

and others.

There will also be a silent auction of work from several artists who have created pieces ahead of time in their own studios.  Bidding will occur throughout the evening with the auction closing at 8:30 pm.

Silent auction includes work by:

Alex Biggs

Amalia Fisch

Chantelle Flint

Keith Harrop

Janet Hess

Mary Pat Kanaley

Lindsey Merrell

Kay O’Rourke

Tracy Poindexeter-Canton

Tom Quinn

Susan Rohrback

Carol Schmauder

Nichols Sironka

Patricia Taylor

Deborah York

Gay Waldman