The Mouse Who Wanted to Paint (signed by the author, Mikel Reuter) – $17.99

Story by Mikel Reuter and Illustrations by Vicki West

Japer live in an alley. He’d been here since his mom told him to leave the nest and find his dream. The problem was…he didn’t have a dream.

Wandering into a gallery one day, there it was, his dream just waiting for him.

Despite an angry cook and run-ins with a scary cat, Jasper worked hard to reach his dream.

Did it come true? Did he become an artist?

Well… you’ll just have to read Jaspers story to find out.

Mikel Reuter – Teaching second grade was one of the highlights of my life. Having my family at a young age, college came only after I was an empty nester…making me the quintessential late bloomer. Reading aloud to my own kids and also the kids in my classroom was a true pleasure. After I left education I became a volunteer story lady for Spokane Public Libraries, continuing my love of reading to children.

Vicki West – After a thirty year career in medicine, this life long artist retired in 2005 to devote herself to painting full time. Her award winning work is represented across the U.S. and around the world. She lives in Spokane, WA with her very supportive husband and has three grown children and seven amazing grandchildren.