If you see something you are interested in

please call the school at (509) 325-1500.

Spokane Art School Gallery

503 E. 2nd Ave., Suite B

Spokane, WA 99202

Monday – Friday 10 – 5

Tresia is a mixed media sculptor who takes discarded, lonely found objects and re-presents them as works of art. She wraps or sews them into cloth, paints them and waxes them to create a conceptual piece with new meaning. The new objects look familiar, but they are really a semblance of their old selves. Her work is a meditation on line, color and shape and the responses they invoke in the observer. Her reputation as an artist began with her charming dolls. Tresia is an art teacher, having taught with School District 81 and the Spokane Art School. She has also presented workshops for children as part of the MAC’s Family Fests. Tresia has a AFA from Spokane Falls Community College.

Angel Ornament


Mixed media

Cat Ornament


Mixed Media

Chair Painting


Mixed media

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