I did my taxes today. That’s right, January 13th and my part is done. I’m an over achiever. Actually I’m not, an over achiever that is. I’m pretty lazy when it comes to book work. Owning your own business generates a lot of paperwork and the more successful you are, the more trees are felled to support it. I say I’m lazy because the proof of it is right there in my records and it tells me things that I need to be more responsible about. One of them is keeping my records.

I did have a successful business once. I was a pretty good nail technician but I gave it up for Art. I was really good at my book work then. It was fun to see how my business was growing each year. So, I kept up on it all the time. My receipts, my costs, my hours; because I felt like a winner. I want to feel that way with my art business someday. So, I keep my records.

It may not be as much fun right now but doing it helps me clarify my thinking and my direction. Reminds me why I do certain shows and not others. Book work isn’t just for keeping you righteous with Uncle Sam. It helps guide your rudder. Makes you understand what were good decisions, what were mistakes and why. Hire an accountant if you like, but figure out how to make notes so you can look back and make informed decisions. It will also help you decide if sacrificing a lucrative career for a dream of heart and soul is going to cost you the roof over your head.

To all my former nail clients, I miss you but I’m enjoying my art. I’m broke but not busted and things in my art business are getting better. If anything changes; and you still want me, I will let you all know. You all were my cheering team when I started painting and I will never forget it. Thank you all for your prayers, I think they are paying off (At least that’s what my book work says).

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