I think we can all agree these last few months have been difficult. My intention was to describe some of these experiences, in order to find reconciliation, connection or something. Yet, we’ve all had our fair share of worries. Plus, I don’t even know where to begin. Too much has happened, and honestly, I’d rather keep that platform open to those better suited to speak. Sometimes I fear in our efforts to help, without a degree of reflection before we act, we inadvertently hurt our own cause. So, I’m changing course. While this has been a time of instability, sadness, and frustration, we remain to have those small moments – moments no one can take away. As a result, I’ll go through some of my personal ones. It won’t be in the context of art, but rather my experiences as a human. My hope is if I shed light on these areas of gratitude, somehow, you’ll discover yours too.

So, here it goes. My list—a list of the positives I’ve experienced these last few months. A fair warning, things may get cheesy.

  1. As a result of my quality time with my niece, Kinsley, I’m now very well versed to the work of JoJo Siwa. I never thought this would be the case. However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to hear lyrics promoting self-love and confidence. The music itself may not be my cup of tea, but it sure is empowering for Kinsley. Plus, it has resulted in some interesting hairstyles.
  2. My friends and I have been sending each other more letters than usual. This results in a smile on my face every time I check the mail.
  3. Surprisingly, I feel closer with my co-workers, despite my time being quarantined from them. In particular, I cherish my face to face zoom meetings, finding a sense of connection when we check in on one another, share our highs and lows and even show pictures of our current art projects to one another. They are small moments, but always seem to fill me with joy.
  4. My partner and I may not have been able to go out on dates, but hey, I’m an introvert. I prefer to-go orders anyways.
  5. My mother and I have had a bit more time to work on our quilting together. Granted, we remain incredibly busy whether we’re quarantined or not. Yet, being stuck in a house together does seem to help.
  6. Lastly, I’m grateful for the time with Kinsley in making our art videos. It was special watching her confidence grow while filming. She reminded me it’s okay to make mistakes, silliness is preferred, and there is always joy to be found in our mishaps.

This has been a difficult time indeed. Yet, I’ve discovered how fortunate I am for the incredible people in my life. I know this is not the case for everyone, and I can’t even begin to comprehend some of the hardships others have endured during this time. However, when we take a moment to reflect, at least there are the small moments. Sometimes, we just have to search extra hard to find them.

All photos by Hannah Pomante

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