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2022 Artist-in-Residence: Hannah Charlton

Hannah Charlton grew up in Eastern Washington. She studied art at Whitworth University, where she first became interested in medieval art history. This was encouraged by an internship at the Grünewald Guild, an arts retreat center that held classes in traditional arts like stained glass, calligraphy, and icon writing. Being surrounded by a community of artists, art lovers, and Ponderosa pine trees helped her realize what she truly wanted from life and from art. Hannah creates illuminated manuscripts, the way books were made in the Middle Ages before the printing press. Making an illuminated manuscript page feels like a magic trick: some gold, some paint, and suddenly you have conjured a tiny piece of the past. Her subjects include the writings of 15th century feminist Christine de Pizan, Game of Thrones, and unicorns. She currently lives in Spokane, Washington.

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2020 Artist-in-Residence:  Hannah Pomante

Born in Spokane, Washington, Hannah Pomante is a landscape artist who explores the various ways in which to portray the natural world around us.

Hannah attended Whitworth University, earning a degree in the two-dimensional arts and minors in environmental studies and art history. She has won multiple awards, which include winning the 42 Annual Superintendent’s Art Show in Washington, as well as recently receiving a Spokane Arts Grant Award. Her work, “Featherbrained,” can be found in the permanent collection of the old Washington State Capitol building in Olympia, WA.

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2019 Artist-in-Residence: T Kurtz

T Kurtz has had a long history in the art world. For many years, she managed the art business for her mother’s professional fine art career as she attended shows and exhibitions across the country. T considers this to have been the College of Art Exposure, and coupled with her Art degree from Washington State University as well as her years in gallery sales, she knows what makes fine art and how to do it. While she understands and has worked in various media, pastels are her main love for the richness of the pigments and the delicacy of line.

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