Artist in Residence

2019 Artist in Residence Winning Artist -T Kurtz

The Spokane Art School is pleased to announce T Kurtz as the first artist selected for the new Artist in Residence program. Ms. Kurtz started her residence in March and will have an exhibition of her work at the Spokane Art School Gallery in October 2019.

T Kurtz has had a long history in the art world. For many years, she managed the art business for her mother’s professional fine art career as she attended shows and exhibitions across the country. T considers this to have been the College of Art Exposure, and coupled with her Art degree from Washington State University as well as her years in gallery sales, she knows what makes fine art and how to do it.

While she understands and has worked in various media, pastels are her main love for the richness of the pigments and the delicacy of line.

Artist in Residence Blog: Updates from T Kurtz

T Kurtz will be providing us with updates throughout her residency. You can find her posts here and on Facebook where they will be updated regularly.
The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this blog belong solely to the Spokane Art School Artist-in-Residence, and not necessarily to the Spokane Art School.

Being a grownup;….. yuck.
About 6 years ago I made a conscious decision to be a “Professional” artist. I was going to be dedicated to my craft. I would work towards having things like; Inventory, Customer Database, Mobile Retail Space, Show Schedule and Dedication. I was raised by a Pro, I felt I knew what I was getting into. There was one problem, her footsteps no longer lead to the path of success. She started her art career in the 1980’s and things are ...
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Who wins when we pay it forward?
I got caught in a Starbucks “Pay it forward” chain today. If you don’t know what that is, let me explain. It all started when the company put in drive thru locations. The person in front of you; who is probably much more energetic than a coffee addict has a right to be, decides to share their joy of the day and buys your drink. It is a kind gesture that brightens your day. You decide; hey, that was nice! ...
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I am looking for a muse
Remember when I said, “Don’t court your muse”? I must admit it is hard. Creating when you don’t feel like it isn’t ever easy. I am a member of several artist Facebook groups and a common theme is “what do you do when you don’t want to paint” We all have our “go to” plans, I have several. 1) Look at other art. Find some artists that inspire you and go to their pages to be inspired. 2) Look at ...
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Stampedes and other obstacles
When I was young and had boundless energy, I was involved with a performing troupe. We would create costumes and travel to do performances wherever anyone wanted us. Singing and dancing, we were a merry bunch and there were several of us; male and female. I remember getting sideways with some of the women a time or two and I wouldn’t understand what I had done. Finally the director of the group took me aside and explained it. “It’s like ...
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Love is love, but business is business
I lived between a Cop and a Social Worker for 5 years. I had no political opinion that whole time. It wasn’t that they argued, they were capable of having intelligent discussions, but I felt that the détente was fragile and me picking a side might upset the apple cart. They understood my concerns and until the social worker started running for office, my political stance was never brought up. There is one other place that politics should never come ...
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Success is an Iceberg
I love Facebook pages. I am a member of several for various things (too boring to mention) but I also join artistic Facebook pages. One is administered here locally by Helen Parsons called Spokane Art Calls. Never met the lady but she runs a tight ship as pages go and she posts pictures and memes all the time to keep her page feed fresh and relevant to our news feeds. She recently posted the picture featured on the right (click ...
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Pudding on my shoes
Some days, life is a bowl of pudding and you are trying to swim in it. I gave myself a break today; well, kind of. I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. We all have those days. I gave myself an extra hour, I have that luxury. It was hard to get up though and I got dressed and put on my “Carpe the F#@& out of this Diem” socks and went reluctantly to the gym. I ...
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Wasted Opportunities
I write with a heavy heart today, a gentle talent went home. Bob Walton was a wonderful man and a generous mentor to many artists. I had known this man for most of my 50 years and he captured the mountains and light on canvas in ways that Thomas Kinkade could only dream of. I was raised around artists, they were my uncles, aunts, surrogate grandparents and friends. Not everyone gets that chance, to be around all that talent and ...
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Competition is fine but always remember, We are in this together.
Just before I was given the residency, I was juried into an amazing national organization of Women Artists. They arrange for competitions for its members but they also support each other with knowledge and networking. I had been trying to join the organization and was encouraged to do so by a member I saw on a regular basis. I tried to jury in 4 times before receiving acceptance. During my efforts, I grabbed at the chance to have another member ...
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Teaching others; a lesson in humility
In the residency program, I am required to offer 2 classes per session. Here is the good news, I get paid an hourly for standing up in-front of people and telling them how I do it. The bad news is, sometimes they don’t need you as much as they think. Here I am, with 3 eager students. Each one of them clutching their untouched boxes of pastels. One with a brand-new set of hand rolled Jack Richeson. Oooo, so pretty! ...
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